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Australian Women's Weekly Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes

I love writing for the Women’s Weekly, they are a fantastic bunch of people to work with.  I never realised how much goes into producing a good quality magazine.

My monthly column involves developing  five recipes around a theme – whether it’s budget, or healthy, or seasonal, or quick and easy. 

Once the recipes are developed and sent in, we arrange a date for a photo shoot.  The shoot takes place in the studio of one of the very talented photographers that the Weekly uses. Today is not a cooking day for me, instead I am posing for the camera!

Serving up dinner

Looking Good!

The people involved in today’s shoot are the photographer, Ian Wallace; the stylist, his wife Lou, who makes sure the set and the food look good, and arranges my clothes; the home economist or prep chef Ange who does all the shopping, prep and cooking from recipes I’ve provided; hair and makeup artist extraordinaire Paul Bedggood; and the food editor of the weekly Fran Abdallaoui to make sure that they get all the shots they need for the column.


I have heard a lot of talk about how food photography is trick photography, using glue instead of mayo, mashed potato for ice cream, painting things with glycerine to make them shine, boiling tampons to create steam (!), all kinds of gross methods to make the food look better than it should. (Have you ever bought a Big Mac that looked like the one on the ad?) 

At the food shoots I have been lucky enough to experience, there is none of that kind of trickery.  The food is cooked, it is plated (very nicely, mind you, by the talented stylist), it is photographed, and then usually it’s eaten!  No trickery here, just good tucker. 

Today as always is great fun, we all have lots of laughs and get through the work in no time.  It’s very relaxed, it smells great in the studio, and Ian and Lou’s two gorgeous old dogs Parker and Bosco look on with the hope of a bit of a cuddle. 

So there you go – behind the scenes in the magazine food pages.  No big egos, no food trickery, just great people, great cooking and great fun.

Paul Bedggood has his work cut out for him – always good fun!
Lou gets the food ready to photograph.
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