Homemade Takeaway

NEW | Homemade Takeaway

‘Cheaper, healthier, and even faster than waiting for your order! Feel good about enjoying takeaway and save money at the same time. Julie Goodwin is back with HOMEMADE TAKEAWAY. In this beautiful new fully illustrated cookbook, Julie will teach you how to make all your best loved takeaway meals’.

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20-20 Meals

Julie Goodwin’s 20/20 Meals

Julie Goodwin is more than just a TV cook – she’s an Aussie mum. She knows what you need to feed your family without breaking the bank or spending hours slaving over a hot stove. 20/20 MEALS is a revolution in home cooking – keeping your dinners simple, wallet-friendly and delicious at the same time. Alongside beautifully illustrated recipes you’ll find Julie’s tips to keep your kitchen organised for tasty and efficient family meals, leaving you with more money to spend on yourself and more time to relax!‘

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In her third cookbook, Gather, Julie turns her attention to cooking for gatherings of friends and family. With more than 100 delicious recipes and stunning photography, Julie gives us fast and fresh recipes for the perfect picnic, a warm and cosy dinner party, a bustling street party, a cake stall, pot luck, a family dinner around the pizza oven, a cocktail party and the perfect High Tea.

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The heart of the home

The heart of the home

‘The kitchen is the hub of our family activity – it’s where we most often gather to eat, where the boys usually find me, where all the best goodies come from”

In this, her second book, Julie Goodwin shares with us more of her beloved family recipes, as well as those from her friends and community. It features hearty family meals, canapés and celebration dishes, special occasion cooking and comfort food. Made from scratch, with accessible ingredients and methods, this is real food for real life.

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Our family table

Our family table

The best selling book by an Australian author in 2010, Our family table does not just share recipes but explores the role of food in families and communities.

Full of family anecdotes, quotes and photographs, it’s a great read as well as a cookbook. Focusing on fresh, accessible recipes made from scratch, Our family table has real food for real people.

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