Chinese New Year Adventure Day 3 – Soy sauce factory and dinner on a junk

By January 27, 2014News, Out & About
Chinese New Year Adventure Day 3

This morning we leave behind the decadent Galaxy hotel in Macau and head by bus to China. We are going to visit the Lee Kum Kee soy sauce factory. When we arrive, we are taken through the sauce making process via a slideshow. Unfortunately the slideshow is in Chinese so I don’t understand much beyond the pictures and the spoken explanation. From here we tour the factory.

Soy sauce factory

High fashion at the soy sauce plant

soy vats

That’s a lotta soy

First we are taken in among the acres and acres of tanks of fermenting soy beans. There are over 2000 tanks and more are being built. The scale of the operation is quite mind-blowing – 100 tons of soy beans are processed each day.

soy sauce production

Soy sauce – the first, and best quality draw

The beans are fermented with water, wheat flour and salt, no preservatives. The first draw is the best quality and makes the premium soy sauce.

processing plant

Processing plant

After our tour we enjoy lunch in the factory canteen, which is like a giant mess hall.

Lunch in the canteen

Lunch in the canteen

We head back to Hong Kong via Macau and the ferry. From there we quickly get ready for dinner, which will be on a junk in Victoria Harbour.

Junk on the harbour

A junk on Victoria Harbour

The evening is fantastic. We are surrounded by the lights of the harbour. Two Chinese women row their boat back and forth from the main kitchen and deliver us a parade of delicious, fresh and traditional Chinese food.

dinner on the junk

How good’s a prawn.

It is a feast of huge proportions. I try things I am unfamiliar with, like periwinkles and the smallest little abalone which are meltingly tender.

Pippis in a sweet sauce

There is duck and fish and prawns and pippis in a sweet sauce.

Steamed fish with greems

Steamed fish with greens

But my favourite dish of the night is a huge steaming platter of crab, smothered in a delicious sauce and piled high with crispy fried garlic.

Crab with fried garlic

My dish of the trip – crab with crispy fried garlic

The whole meal is just wonderful and a real food highlight for me.
It is a beautiful end to what had been a huge, and interesting, day.

ed in a hairnet

Fast Ed rocking the hair net