Chinese New Year Adventure Day 4 Pt 2 – Traditional CNY dinner

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We are all taken to May’s house for the traditional Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner. It’s called a reunion dinner because typically families get together to celebrate. May has two lovely little daughters and she and her husband Kendrick welcome us to their home. It’s a big ask to have a group like ours into a family home due to their small size. (Smaller than what we are used to anyway – in Hong Kong terms May’s house is quite spacious.)

Violin concert

We are treated to a little violin concert

The house is decorated with Chinese blessings. We are each given a blessing hand-painted by the girls. Traditional New Years’ sweets are passed around and the wine flows freely.

chinese new year blessing

My blessing means “whatever you wish for, it will come true”.

New years sweet treats

New Years’ sweet treats


May in her kitchen

May puts a feast out on the table – eight dishes initially, as that is an auspicious number. The aromas are amazing and the dishes are absolutely beautiful. Everything is delicious. The most challenging dish for me is abalone and mushrooms with black fungus and the swim bladders of fish. I try it and it tastes better than it sounds! My favourite dishes for the night would be the crab and broccoli, and the sticky glazed oysters.

Abalone and mushrooms

Abalone and mushrooms with black moss and fish swim-bladders

pork hock

Braised pork hock

delicious prawns

Saucy prawns and tomato

rice cake

Steamed rice cake

Sang choy bow

Sang choy bow

Oysters in a sweet glaze

Oysters in sweet glaze

Steamed fish with seafood soy sauce

Steamed fish with special soy sauce

crab and broccoli

Crab and broccoli

Family feast

Vincent pours the wine for Brodee and Wendy

ed, christian, valli and maeve

Ed, Christian, Valli and Maeve

It’s truly a wonderful, money-can’t-buy experience to be welcomed into a home for a real Chinese New Years’ banquet. I am so grateful to May and her family for allowing us this privilege.

wonton soup

Wonton soup

sweet dessert soup, rice dumplings

Glutinous rice balls in sweet soup

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