G’day USA – Hooray for Hollywood!

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G'day USA - Hooray for Hollywood!

Today we have booked a tour with a terrific guy called Tom who runs the Anaheim Tour Company. We are in a mini van with one other family, also Aussies! Oi Oi Oi!

We are looking forward to a day looking at the homes of the movie stars, the Hollywood sign and a tour of Warner Brothers Studios.  I am a movie buff from way back when I was a kid and used to  watch the midday movies on the weekend – Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Elvis, Shirley Temple – and I am pretty enthusiastic about TV too, both old and new.  Yep, I’m a regular square-eyes.

Rodeo Drive, baby!

We start off with a trip to Rodeo Drive, which reminds me of the scene in Pretty Woman where her best friends tells her where to shop in Beverly Hills:  “Rodeo Drive, baby!”  All the big fancy brands are here, the shops are kind of intimidating and I’m pretty sure I won’t be bagging any bargains today.  We see the famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel and do the Walk of Style.

Pretty Woman. She’s here somewhere in the Beverly Wilshire hotel

The Walk of Style. Best done in thongs, I think.

A fascinating part of the tour is a trip to the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village and Memorial Park.

Farrah Fawcett

It is the final resting place for Marilyn Monroe, Donna Reed, Dean Martin, Natalie Wood, Roy Orbison,  Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Don Knotts, Peggy Lee, Mel Torme, Burt Lancaster, Eve Arden, Eva Gabor, Truman Capote, Farrah Fawcett and many others.

Her screen name, rather than her real name, is on her headstone.

Some of the epitaphs are humorous, and it’s kind of nice to know that the original Odd Couple are spending eternity in close proximity.

Merv’s catchphrase was always “I’ll be right back after this message.”

Lunch is in an iconic LA restaurant, the Carney Train.   It’s a repurposed train carriage.  The menu reads like all the American diners I have seen on TV, and everything is cooked fresh to order.  The burgers look fantastic, but I opt for a hot dog with cabbage and chilli cheese fries, with house made lemonade.  It is delicious!

Mum and Dad about to take the Carney Train

Lunch on the C Train

The drive to the Hollywood Hills is so pretty.  Our tour guide Tom knows all the secrets of the area and he drives straight past a “No View of the Hollywood Sign from This Street” sign, up to the most spectacular position for photos.

I always knew they were destined for Hollywood

Our drive around the movie stars’ homes is fascinating, we see Barbra Streisand’s big green hedge, the house where Michael Jackson passed away, and the construction lot where Frank Sinatra’s house has been bulldozed to build something bigger.  (Seriously.)

Where Jennifer Aniston lived after her breakup with Brad

My favourite part of this tour is the more old-fashioned area, where Lucille Ball and Jack Benny lived.  It’s much more open, no high hedges here, we can see the beautiful homes themselves.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s house

We see where Mary Tyler Moore used to live, and the house next door where Betty White still lives.  And all throughout we are hearing anecdotes about the movie, music and television stars who called these places home. I’m in heaven.

Betty White’s current home

We also go to the Hollywood walk of fame on Hollywood Boulevarde, and seek out our favourite stars.  Dad gets his photo with the Tom Selleck star, as Mum used to say he looked like Magnum PI, but we always maintained that he looked more like Higgins.

Bette Midler. BETTE!!! MIDLER!!!!!

Joe with his real family.

From here we visit Warner Brothers Studios.  I’m a bit embarrassingly excited to be here.  We see sound stages, sets and back lots, the Warner Brothers museum which has all kinds of cool costumes and artefacts from movies.

Town square, Hart of Dixie

We are ON THE FRIENDS COUCH!!! Just saying.

But the best part, by far, was being able to go on the set of The Big Bang Theory.  They weren’t filming so we were allowed to go right in and sit where the live audience sits.  The set is exactly how it looks on TV, which is to say, the actors literally walk out of Sheldon’s apartment, across a hall, and into Penny’s.  We are told all kind of cool insider info about the show.  One fact that I love, is that all the equations on the whiteboards are done by a professor of theoretical physics, and that he actually puts clues in there for his real life students.  So if they watch the show, they get a heads up on their homework. (As if you need extra incentive to watch The Big Bang Theory.) No photos are allowed on set dammit.

In the WB car museum – the space capsule from Big Bang

Unfortunately Daisy Duke was nowhere to be seen….

Our day also includes a visit to the awesome Hollywood Bowl, the historic Biltmore Hotel and the Griffith Observatory (the older boys were blown away by how much it looked like the observatory in GTA 5….)  We finish the tour very tired but also excited and happy.  It has been an absolutely perfect way to see Hollywood for a family with only a day to do it in.

Dusk from the Griffith Observatory

Central Perk coffee menu

The beautiful Biltmore Hotel. With some questionable clientele to be sure.


No shenanigans in Beverly Hills, please.

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  • Chris R says:

    This reminded me of my trip there many years ago, so many familiar sights. There is so much to see and do, love the place. Thanks for sharing your photos Julie. Sounds like you had a great time in LA. I look forward to the next installment. 🙂

  • Anita Beasley says:


    I’m absolutely loving your photos of Hollywood. What a GREAT trip to do with your family. I admire you even more. 🙂


  • Allison Evans says:

    Great blog Jules, I know how you feel about being a square eyes, i’m with you! Nice to see Mick wondering about in his old school Balmain jersey too! Al xo

  • Eileen says:

    Hi Julie!

    I’ve just finished watching the Masterchef (in Belgium, yes I realize quite a delay since the event). You made me laugh and cry; you are an amazing inspiration, and I am happy to see that things are going well for you and your lovely family. xo

  • risa says:

    Hi Julie, i want to make a recipe of yours but where i live, we don’t use cups, looking on google, it says there are American cups and Australian cups, wich one do you use for your recipes? how many ml is one cup?

    Thank you so much!